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By order of the honorable Prince John…

July 14, 2014

“Here ye, here ye! By order of the honorable Prince John, beginning this day, all merchants must halt upon arrival to Nottingham and declare forth their goods entering the city!”

Dice Tower Essentials are GO!

Tom Vasel and Arcane Wonders are pleased to announce the launch of the Dice Tower Essentials line of games! Read on to learn more about the Sheriff of Nottingham, the first release coming later this year, as well as what’s in store for this exciting set of games!

Mage Wars Mondays – Fan Questions

Rick at Let’s Level Up, Aaron Brosman, and Scott Morris are back with another episode of our official Podcast, Mage Wars Mondays!  This time, we’re talking about and answering fan questions submitted through our facebook and twitter pages!

Mage Wars Mondays – Forged in Fire Cards

June 30, 2014

It’s that time again, time for another Mage Wars Mondays, our official Podcast with Aaron Brosman (Creative Director), Scott Morris (VP of Business Development) and Rick Perez (Let’s Level Up)! This week, the gang looks at their personal favorite cards from Forged in Fire, due on shelves July 2nd!

Enter the Arena – Toni Darling unboxes Mage Wars!

June 23, 2014

Toni Darling, our guest at Gen Con 2014, Enters the Arena for the first time in the first of a series of videos covering her adventures in Mage Wars as a new player!

Forged in Fire Live Play – Let’s Level Up

June 20, 2014

Rick sits down to take up the challenge as the Anvil Throne Warlord in a live play of Forged in Fire! Once again, this set, mixed with some old cards, shows the excitement, tactical options and strategic advantages it brings to the arena!

Forged in Fire Review – Weaponsgrade Tabletop

Hunter at Weaponsgrade Tabletop loves competitive games. Today, Hunter is taking a look at Forged in Fire, on store shelves soon!

Forged in Fire Live Play – Grey Elephant Gaming

Tim and Carmen Norris sit down to duel it out inside the Arena as Tim takes control of the Anvil Throne Warlord and Carmen wields the power of fireweaving with the Adramelech Warlock!  This two part series shows some of the excitement and fun Forged in Fire brings to the table!

Forged in Fire Review – Grey Elephant Gaming

June 17, 2014

Tim and Carmen Norris, who recently did some play throughs of Mage Wars, have a new review of Forged in Fire on their site, Grey Elephant Gaming! Tim and Carmen are excited about the new mages, the new cards, and the new options in Forged in Fire, releasing later this month!

From the Board Room – Cosplay at Gen Con!

June 12, 2014

Want to meet one of the best cosplayers in the world AND get a chance at winning the ultimate prize pack from Arcane Wonders at this year’s Gen Con?

Forged in Fire Review – All Us Geeks

June 7, 2014

Jeff and Jordan, from the All Us Geeks Podcast, share with us their impressions of several key cards in Forged in Fire, as well as their overall opinions on the set and artwork!

Mage Wars Review – Weaponsgrade Tabletop

Hunter, from Weaponsgrade Tabletop had a chance to sit down with our Core Set of Mage Wars to give his overview and opinions recently!