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The Merry Month of Mage Wars starts today until 5:00 PM EST December 31st. During this festive time, all Mage Wars games and accessories will have a 30% discount off MSRP at the Arcane Wonders webstore!

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Paladin vs. Siren has made it into stores and we’re very excited about he sets reception. However, today I’m going to talk to you some of the brand new cards that come in the next release for Mage Wars Arena, Lost Grimoire Vol.1! Today I wanted to introduce you to a brand […]

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In celebration of the launch of our newest addition to the Dice Tower Essentials product line, Royals, we are happy to share news about a truly majestic giveaway! Designed by Peter Hawes, Royals is a strategy game of intrigue and power for 2-5 aspiring Nobles. The players are the leaders […]

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So today is finally time to release the Kraken! There he is in all his glory. Like the Leviathan, he’s a huge sea monster. However, the Kraken has a brand new condition added with Paladin vs Siren, Grapple. This allows him to grab hold of creatures and prevent them from […]

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So, Gen Con is on our doorstep. Just next week we’ll all descend upon Indianapolis for the best four days in gaming. Now with the first printing of Paladin vs Siren we’ve included two promo cards. The first of which we teased at the end of last year. She a […]