New and Improved Pre-built Spellbooks

Posted on: October 7, 2012

Written by  SeanDeCoy


Great news, Mage Wars fans! After receiving amazing feedback from our fans and playtesters, we’ve brought the Design Team together and improved the starter spellbooks included in the rulebook. It was a great experience breaking these spellbooks down and then building them back up again asking ourselves questions like “What would a Warlock really have in his spellbook?” or “In what way can we change the learning curve, to make it the easiest for new players to jump on board?” Overall, I think we’ve vastly improved the spellbooks included in the rulebook. Click read more below to see the full details and get links to the download!

Updated Spell Lists



1. You can now build all four mages using only the Mage Wars Core Set. You can build them all at the same time, or separately. But no other purchase is required to build these mages.

2. Each spellbook is now more flavorful and unique to each Mage. For example: we took minor heals out of the Warlock’s spellbook (a holy spell in the Warlock’s spellbook – blecch!) and instead gave him Drain Life, Vampirism, and Vampiric Strike! These spells now heal, cost him less points, and do damage to his opponent, the perfect Warlock solution!

3. All the spellbooks include within them their counterpart Apprentice Spellbook (marked with an *), which means that you can start playing the game with the smaller apprentice spellbooks, and then when you’re ready, simply add in the spells in these spellbooks! This allows you to slowly get to know each of the mages, a little bit at a time, so that you won’t be overwhelmed by all the different spells right up front.

4. Each mage is perfectly balanced, with 120 points in each spellbook, so right out of the box you can play against your friends, family, and gaming group without having to worry about customizing your own spellbook. You can tweak these as you like as soon as you get more familiar with the game.

Overall, we think these are an amazing improvement and update from the old spellbooks and we would encourage all players to use this new official list when learning, teaching, or just plain playing the game! Once you’re comfortable with it – move along and customize your own spellbook.

For new players- We encourage you to start the game off by playing with the Apprentice Spellbook (click the link below to download it!). These spellbooks have a reduced number of spells, and reduced stats for each Mage, this way you can get right into the action and not have to worry about setting up a giant spellbook right out of the gate! You can use our helpful Video Tutorials to learn any concepts you don’t understand, and keeping a Codex handy will also help out! Once you’ve gotten the hang of your spellbooks, move on to these new updated spellbooks!

So try these new spellbooks out! Let us know what you think, and always feel free to share your custom spellbooks and strategies on our forums!


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