Name that expansion!

Posted on: March 30, 2015

We at Arcane Wonders have a passion for gaming and for our community.  From our fans to our Ambassador Volunteers, to everyone in between, we have one of, if not the best community, in the hobby!  Today, we want to let your voices be heard, loud, clear, and center stage!

Our design team is hard at work on making a small expansion available this year that will include approximately 110 cards (very similar to our Core Spell Tomes).  It will include 50% of the cards being previously printed promo cards and 50% brand new spells, unreleased to date.  This would accomplish two main goals; first, it would allow us to “officially” print several promos in a set that would make them tournament legal, and second, it would allow us an opportunity to get several new spells printed as well, and in your hands to play!

Today, we’re here to ask your help in naming this expansion!  In the past, we have released Core Spell Tome 1 and Core Spell Tome 2.  While we could call this a “Core Spell Tome”, the purpose of the Core Spell Tomes was to allow players to purchase additional copies of cards from the Mage Wars Core Set.  Being though, that none of these cards in the Core Set, we would like to not call it a Core Spell Tome.  Additionally, we do not want to call this a “Spell Tome Expansion”, similar to our Conquest of Kumanjaro and Forged in Fire sets, as it is not introducing new or alternate mages nor are the cards connected in theme.

Knowing all this, we need you help!  We have several concepts but we are open to new ones as well so we want to hear your thoughts and ideas.  Below are the names the design team is thinking about today, and we have a “write in” option as well, for you to suggest your own name.  In addition, we’ll be choosing 5 random winners from those who respond to this survey, and each will get a copy of the set when it is produced!  Voice you opinion today and let us know what you’d name this new expansion!

You can take our survey by filling out the questionnaire below or by navigating to the survey directly online at

Note: winners will be selected at the end of April 3rd, 2015 and have have their sets shipped to them when they are printed, at Arcane Wonders expense and yes, we will ship world wide!