Academy Forcemaster Expansion: Preview #4: NOWHERE TO RUN

June 12, 2017 at 7:00 pm

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Well, I have certainly had a blast these past few weeks. I hope that to some lesser extent you have been forced to drop your previous notions of what it means to be a Forcemaster. Perhaps an item or two caught your eye and inspired at least a scarab full of creative ability. The Mind school not only contains Force spells, but is also the home for psionic attacks and a good number of control effects. One source of both psionic attack and limited control is a new and improved Psyoculus: Eye of Itadjet.

Do not let “Psyoculus” fill you with repulsion. You can field this little guy for a mere five mana. Even a large guardian will have trouble doing enough damage when you compound Eye of Itadjet’s Stagger with the Aegis found on the Force creatures; they can, in a very symbiotic relationship, shield one another making even your Force Caracal last much longer that it might otherwise. The range on the Eye’s attack allows you the freedom to choose which creature to cripple. Much like Siphon Life from the Warlock set, the Eye completely ignores armor tempting even the bravest bruiser with cowardice.

Some purists might seize up when confronted with the reality of many more Mind creatures in this one set than in all the rest of Mage Wars. Well, in case some of you Arena Forcemasters are sharpening your daggers, wishing to be put into stasis or thinking of defecting to join COBRA—I have news for you. Khenet-Tay is no less telekinetic than her Salenian counterpart. She can throw an orb of mass destruction just like the best.

Telekinetic Bolt is a straightforward, no-nonsense burst of damage rivaling the bread and butter attack spells of the Earth and Fire schools. Important to note is the impressive 5+ Stagger chance. Staggering an enemy is always useful as there is no creature immune to its effects. From mage to golem to gremlin, Stagger is a troublesome power for your enemy to wield so efficiently.

Even the Bolt is not quite as reliable as Telekinetic Bomb. Classified as an enchantment, “the bomb” is an attack spell in disguise. It exchanges immediacy for a slightly increased Stagger chance, a cheaper mana cost and absolute unavoidability. There is no spell in Academy that can save you from the bomb. Once it is revealed your time is running out. Yes, the attack is unavoidable, but even more importantly the only surefire way to avoid being enchanted is invisibility–a trait reserved for the Invisible Stalker. There are so many applications for Telekinetic Bomb. It is cheap and effective, certainly a decent way to handle those irritating infinite dodgers. So prepare your mage’s jeweled tomb; there will be a reckoning and my mana is on an empowered master of Force assaulting both the Academy and the Arena with vengeance.

This concludes the spoilers for Forcemaster Academy. While the Mind school’s focus may have been redistributed a little, I think the shift (and the energy that it took) is well worth it. Will the Academy mages be able to galvanize themselves against the Force of Our Lady of Dsjer-Tet? We shall see soon enough.

I know you still have desperate questions, such as “What is a Shifratar?” but let me “Force” into your mind-scarab a king-sized challenge. Hidden in this article are the names of every single one of the 31 cards in the set. Just to disperse any illusory hopes, the words contained in the names of the cards are not necessarily together. Put on your thinking headdress and gird up your leggings. I look forward to seeing who has risen to the challenge. Yes, I am dark and warped—just like Tjusut.

–Scott “Puddnhead” Penney, Arcane Duels
Click here for the Arcane Duels Card Reveal video discussing these cards!