Mage Wars @ Wonko’s Austin!

Posted on: September 17, 2012

Written by Seth DeCoy


Tj Huzl and Sean McCoy from the Mage Wars team took a quick road trip down south to Austin, Texas to visit our friends at Wonko’s Toys & Games! We had a blast running demos, making new friends, and chatting about the future of Mage Wars. Click below to read more about our small adventure and see some pics from the trip!

Most of the Mage Wars team is based out of Dallas, Texas, so it’s always a pleasure to visit our fans down in Austin. TJ and I hit the road early in the morning, and made it into Wonko’s just in time for lunch! We had a blast running a couple dozen games of Mage Wars for the new players, and any day spent in a game store is a great day!


“Our players really enjoyed the ability to play out full games. Several had seen the shortened Con based sessions and enjoyed the look and feel of the game, but there is no comparison to playing a game full out. Did I mention they brought Swag with them? Who doesn’t love a cool t-shirt, and we didn’t even have to pay for a Con Pass. This one is certainly one of the new games to watch!”

–Eric Dow, Owner Wonko’s


We even got a chance to hang with one of our new friends, Scott Morris of the awesome Crits Happen review site. We met Scott at Gencon this year and it was a blast just getting to sit back, play a few games with him, and talk shop for a bit.

“I had the opportunity to help facilitate the Arcane Wonders team coming to Austin and I couldn’t have been happier with the outcome! Not only did theyget a good turn out for their demos, but selfishly, I got to play a wickedly fun game!”

–Scott Morris, Crits Happen



We left town tired but happy. It was a great day for Mage Wars and an awesome time with some new friends! If you’re interested in talking to the Mage Wars team about setting up events at your local store, e-mail us and let’s see what we can put together!

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