Mage Wars will be at GEN CON!

Posted on: June 30, 2011

Written by  Patrick C. Connor Jr.


Mage Wars is being played in 2 locations at Gen Con 2011!
Look for us at booth #1157 and in Hall E – The Board Game Room.

Play our full demo and get an awesome Mage Wars® Warlock t-shirt!


Tournaments! Step into the arena as a Beastmaster, Wizard, Warlock, or Priestess and battle to the death in one of our nightly tournaments!

First and second place winners of each tournament will receive an autographed fine art giclee print of Craig Spearing’s amazing Mage Wars artwork!


We will be hosting a Mage Wars tournament each evening from 8 PM to Midnight. Knowledge of the game is a pre- requisite, so make sure to stop by our booth for a demo! Tickets are only $2!

NOTE: This is a 16 player single-elimination tournament, with 4 rounds, 1 hour per round. Games must end after 60 minutes, with victory going to the Mage with the least damage.

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