Mage Wars Monday – Priest/Priestess Spotlight

Posted on: September 22, 2014

Every other Monday, Scott and Aaron from Arcane Wonders get together with Rick at Let’s Level Up, to chat all things Mage Wars.  This time around, Aaron is out on “leave” attending GrandCon while Scott and Rick get a chance to talk about Scott’s “Priestess Tank” spellbook and then the “Malakai Cocktail” Spellbook for the Malakai Priest!  The Priestess Tank was a spellbook Scott played with at the time when Core was the only set out on the market, and the Malakai Cocktail is something the has been evolving every since the introduction of the Malakai priest. Also, don’t forget you can chime in on our forums about Mage Wars Mondays, located here!

Click the below image to listen to this week’s episode!

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