Mage Wars – Gen Con Promos

Posted on: August 7, 2014

Yesterday we announced some amazing Sheriff of Nottingham promos that will be available at Gen Con 2014 this year from us and the Dice Tower! Not to be outdone, it’s now time to share the promos you can get for Mage Wars, just for stopping by our booth each day!  How can you get these great new promos?  It’s as easy as walking by our booth to say hi….

First, find the coupon for Arcane Wonders in your Gen Con coupon book:

GenCon 2014 - Coupon Book v2 - SMALL for WEB

Then, bring your coupon by the booth each day to receive a new and awesome promo card each day!

Since there are a few days left leading up to Gen Con we’re going to reveal a new card each day, here on this post, starting tomorrow! For now, experienced players can more than likely tell that there are 3 creatures and 1 enchantment below… but what will they be? Stay tuned for more as we lead up to the 4 best days in gaming, Gen Con 2014! We can’t wait to see you there!

Gen Con 2014 Mage Wars Promos - Day 0

Card 1 revealed: Alternate Art Bear Strength! 

Bear Strength

Card 2 revealed:  Victorian Griffin

Victorian Griffin

Card 3 revealed:  Dragonclaw Wolverine

Dragonclaw Wolverine

Card 4 revealed: Asto Vidatu, Angel Slayer

Asto Vidatu, Angel Slayer