Mage Wars Academy launches on Tabletopia!

Posted on: November 20, 2015

We’re very happy to announce that today, Mage Wars Academy is available on the Tabletopia platform!  Tabletopia is a digital platform for where players can play popular board games and we’re happy to be partnered with one of the leaders in this field.

Tabletopia is a true simulation, so there is no AI opponent, however players who are familiar with the rules of their chosen game, like Academy, can play out their battles with ease using this intuitive and fun software. In addition, it is good to know that today, Tabletopia does not have a “Spellbook” module in their software, however, they are working with us towards that goal in the future.  In the meantime, players are able to have their cards in their spellbook held in their “digital hand” to play with ease.

To launch your first game of Mage Wars Academy, click on this link, or the picture below:

Academy on Tabletopia 550

In addition, the team has assembled some “tips and tricks” below, for new users to Tabletopia:

  • At the beginning of the game you can choose your Mage: the Beastmaster or the Wizard. Take the Mage card and place it in the upper left empty slot on your part of the game surface. Take the corresponding ability card and place it in the slot under your Mage card. Select the rest of Mage deck by clicking the deck once by left mouse button, then take it into your hand by clicking it again and dragging to the bottom of the screen. When you see a faint glow at the bottom of the screen, you’ll know you are “placing” the cards in your digital “hand”.
  • You can put second deck and any other components you do not need into the blue bag, out of the way.
  • Use the Mana and Damage counters to keep track of your mana and damage, both should begin the game at “0” (unless you are the Wizard, then you begin the game with 3 Mana)
  • To place an Enchantment under a creature card you need to flip the chosen card first in your hand by pointing the mouse cursor at the chosen card and pressing the ‘F’ key to flip it.  Then you can drag the flipped card above the creature card, release the mouse button.  You can then press the ‘U’ key while hovering over the Enchantment, or manually adjust the cards as you like, to show the Enchantment under the enchanted card.  (Note: Try not to wait too long before releasing Enchantment, because if the creature card become highlighted in orange, Enchantment will be flipped and put in the stack above.)
  • You can “Lock” your cards once they are placed in play by using the “L” key or the right click radial menu. This stops them from moving accidentally with other components during the game. But please note that you will not able to put Enchantment under any locked cards