Light the Way… Second Chance

Posted on: April 11, 2016

One of my joys working for Arcane Wonders is getting to build new cards for all of you to explore. It brings me joy when I hear someone comment on how much they love a particular card. So today is an especially happy day for me. I get to show you a card from the upcoming Priestess expansion for Academy. This set was really fun to work on. It gave me a chance to build some fantastic workhorse spells for the Holy school. Today, we have one of them to show off. I present Second Chance!

Second Chance

Second Chance is a very potent tool for the Priestess in Academy. It allows her to keep her creature count up by trading a quick action for a full action. On the surface that’s really what this spell lets you do, it lets you summon a creature as a quick action instead of a full action. In Academy this is quite valuable as actions are at a premium. If your opponent swings into your creature, and you can pop them back up right after the action, then you haven’t lost board presence and they’ve lost a bit of tempo.

Now, combine this enchantment with any creature “when summoned” effects, like on the Messenger of Bim-Shalla and you get to reuse those effects as well. It also combos with Altar of the Iron Guard. Have your creature guard, then when it dies you resummon it to have it automatically guard again. There are a few yet to be spoiled creatures for the Priestess that will combo exceptionally well with this.

Now, there is the weakness that it only works on a minor creature, but the Priestess Academy set will have several of them to choose from. Now the beauty of Second Chance is that any school can use it. The Beastmaster has a plethora of minor creatures and will really benefit from this excellent enchantment. It’s especially good for keeping Wychwood Hounds alive.

Keep watching for more previews to come, and check out Father Geek for more amazing sneak peeks! For now we’d love to know what creatures you can’t wait to give a Second Chance.

Aaron Brosman
Community Manager / Designer