Light the Way… Paladin’s Valor

Posted on: May 6, 2016

In Mage Wars Arena the Priestess is about supporting her creatures. She does this through her natural abilities and powerful enchantments. In Mage Wars Academy the Priestess is no different. Now Asyra’s Touch has been previewed on Arcane Duels already, but its not the only potent enchantment she can support her creatures with. Today we focus one of the prime virtues of holy creatures, Paladin’s Valor!

Paladin's Valor

Paladin’s Valor is a Holy enchantment that infuses a knight with pure valor. There are a few special things going on with this card. The first is in the target line. Paladin’s Valor must target a Living knight creature. From the Core Set of Mage Wars Arena you have Knight of Westlock and Brogan Bloodstone who could benefit from Paladin’s Valor. In the Priestess set she has Aurora Lucere, Dawnbreaker’s Chosen as well as Ehren, Enduring Paladin, not to mention Temple Sentry and White Cloak Knight. It’s great to see that she has a wide swath of creatures to use with this enchantment, but what does it do for them? Well immediatly it gives Armor +2. This is a great surprise that helps ensure your creature will live to attack again. The second effect is Melee +2, but only when attacking a creature of a higher level than it. So your Temple Sentry  will get this bonus on his counterstrike, as long as his attacker is level 2 or greater. You’ll also notice it has Dissipate 1. This allows you to reveal it at the right time, and still benefit from the melee bonus, even if you aren’t counterstriking. Truly their valor is without match, at least until the Paladin himself.


Aaron Brosman
Community Manager / Designer