Posted on: August 1, 2019

Visit us at Booth #841 and in Hall C!

Arcane Wonders is attending at Gen Con! Come visit us at booth #841, and the Arcane Wonders area in Hall C to demo our new games. The majority of our staff will be attending the event, so please anticipate delays in email inquiries until we return on Monday the 5th when we continue normal operations.

We have a lot of exciting events planned at Gen Con, and some big surprises!


Arcane Wonders is excited to announce that we are working with Hobby World to bring Architectura to the USA, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand! We showed off Architectura for the first time at Dice Tower Con in July, and we’re gearing towards an early September retail launch!

In Architectura you are a masterful architect who has come to erect a magnificent city with the most elaborate buildings and monuments imaginable. However, other architects have come to this city as well and their ambitions inevitably lead to fierce competition! Each architect strives to make the most significant contribution to the city’s construction, so that they are remembered throughout time. Architectura is a highly interactive, easy to learn, card game, for 2 to 4 players, that plays in 30-45 minutes. For more information, check out the: Architectura How-to-Play Video.


For the first time, Dragonscales will be available for sale to the public! Dragonscales, is a game of villainy and treasure-grabbing where players are sinister villains, each with their own unique advantages, tactics, and style! With multiple triggers for the end-game, this design by Richard Launius is has new exciting outcomes each time you play! For full information about this exciting upcoming game check out the: Dragonscales Game Page.

Volcanic Isle

Coming to retail release in October this year, Volcanic Isle will be available in limited quantities! 2-4 players are tasked with building villages and raising Moai across the continent, each doing their best to survive and become the strongest tribe. However, with each Moai raised, the possibility of a volcanic eruption increases! Eruptions devastate settlements and even cause whole sections of the board to sink into the sea and be removed! For more information about Volcanic Isle including a how-to-play video, check out the: Volcanic Isle Game Page.

We also have a lot of events running this year! All of Arcane Wonders games will be available to freely demo in Hall C in addition to the events that are scheduled and running each day!

Foundations of Rome

Another big surprise of Gen Con is that we will have events of Foundations of Rome running during the show! Foundations of Rome is game design by Emerson Matsuuchi, and will be Arcane Wonders’ first ever Kickstarter!

We will be sharing a lot more information soon about Foundations of Rome, but for now, check out this page for more information:


Last, but definitely not least, Onitama, the elegant and simple game of martial tactics, will be hosting a special after-hours event at Mikado Japanese Restaurant Friday from 11:55PM to Saturday 3:00AM. There will be door prizes and a special menu offered.

As you can see, we have a lot going on! So come visit us at booth #841 and in the gaming Hall C!