GEN CON a Huge Success!

Posted on: August 8, 2011

Written by  Patrick C. Connor Jr.



From planning and travel – to setup and execution, trade shows are a lot of work! With two shows scheduled nearly back-to-back, this summer was a whirlwind of chaos; but the staff at Mage Wars couldn’t be more pleased with the results.

GEN CON Indy 2011 was “the big one” for Arcane Wonders’ Mage Wars debut. A retail release is planned for early 2012, so this show naturally seemed like a great opportunity to showcase Mage Wars and gather valuable feedback from its growing fanbase.

FROM DAY ONE – The booth opened with a huge crowd out front, all of them having heard about the game ahead of time from either friends or Origins and each of them dying to play! Within the first hour there was a 3 hour wait to play the game. Later that afternoon, there was an 11 page signup list and gamers were having to be told to come back in a day or two.

The Board Game Room – Hall E:

Each day of the show, Mage Wars demos were being played in a secondary location. Just like the main exhibition booth, the tables were full the entire time of the show! The board game room had a little more space for players and staff and MW plans to expand on that option for next year’s show.

Whether in the Exhibit Hall or the Board Game Room, in order to play a demo gamers had to go through “The Spiel”. This consists of a 5-10 minute rundown of what the game is about, highlights and key advantages over other tactical fantasy games. Afterwards, they are escorted to a table where one of the staff runs them through their first Mage Wars battle.

TOURNAMENTS! That’s right, each night in the Board Game Room, Arcane Wonders held a single-elimination Mage Wars Tournament! The players had to have already played the game before and as always every seat was filled… Up for grabs were some gorgeous hand-signed giclee prints by artist Craig J. Spearing. You’d better believe that the competition was FIERCE!

This year’s tournament champions:

1st night winners:

Andrew Zambrzycki and Jason Van Haecke

2nd and 3rd night winners:

Harry Gloss and Russell Blakeman

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