GAMA Trade Show Report

Posted on: March 24, 2014

By Scott Morris, Vice President of Business Development

First days on the job can be intense!  There’s new people to meet, new things to learn, and new policies and procedures to accustom yourself with.  Normally, those all begin with a visit to the office.  In my case, starting my new role with Arcane Wonders meant doing all that, but doing it while hoping a plane to the GAMA Trade Show!

GAMA is amazing, and John Ward, his staff and volunteers, do a wonderful job in hosting this event!  One of the highlights of the event is being able to connect, network and meet with industry publishers, developers, distributors and retailers. For us, at Arcane Wonders, “highlight” does not even begin to describe it!

FIF Card Fan 1

I had the opportunity to speak Tuesday night during the GAMA Dinner, where I announced some amazing things coming from Arcane Wonders this year!  First, was a preview of Forged in Fire, our new Spell Tome Expansion, which will introduce the Adramalech Warlock and the Anvil Throne Warlord and will be available in June of 2014!  There’s going to be a lot of fire slinging in this set, and we’re really excited to be previewing cards right now over on our Facebook page!  In addition to all the burn tokens you’ll want to have handy, there’s some awesome new cards like Otto, previewed to the left.  Otto Kronig, Master Engineer, will not only provide a stout Creature for your mage to deploy, but he’ll also allow you to ensure those Conjurations you craft stay around just a bit longer for all the fun!

Later this year, an additional expansion is slated to be released, the Paladin vs. Siren set!  Get ready to rock the heavens and roll the tides as this set will introduce two completely new mages to the Arena!  Whether you are a role player, board gamer, or video gamer, almost everyone knows what to expect from a Paladin. Deal and heal!  They are hybrid tanks, damage dealers and healers, doing all things good, but staying flexible for whatever need arises.  Speaking of “arising”, the other mage in this set is ready to rise from the depths as the Siren will bring a completely new style of game play to the Arena!  Lure your opponents in and unleash… well, we don’t want to give everything away just yet now, right?

In addition to the amazing new expansions, we also announced two items that will be available at Gen Con later this year.  First is an accessory for Mage Wars players; a new Modular Board which will include sturdy tiles for you to construct your own design for Arena battles!  In addition, this Modular Board will come with a unique scenario for Mage Wars players to experience an entire new way to play our favorite game!  Finally, also at Gen Con, Arcane Wonders will introduce its first game in a line of family friendly games, called “The Sheriff of Nottingham”!  In this game you will experience the bustling city of Nottingham like you have never seen before!  Players will be able to step into the shoes of the Sheriff himself, as Prince John plans to arrive in Nottingham soon!

ArchMage-black BLOGGAMA was an excellent event this year!  I’d like to personally thank all of our Distributor and Retailer partners who stopped by our booth to learn about these and many more exciting things coming from Arcane Wonders!  It was also excellent to meet with new distributor and retailers who discovered Mage Wars and Arcane Wonders for the first time!  The feedback we received from everyone was extremely positive and valuable and it is wonderful to hear how much excitement and fun Mage Wars is providing the industry!

Whether you are looking for new mages, exciting new game play options, or awesome new accessories, the future is very bright!  Head over to Board Game Geek, our Facebook page, or our Twitter page, and join in the conversation today!