From the Board Room: The Moments We Share

Posted on: September 18, 2014

Scott Morris

VP of business Development – Arcane Wonders

I’ve long said “Experience matters” and when I look at our games, that’s exactly what I see.  Sometimes it’s the moment where you are cornered in Mage Wars, back against the wall, with multiple creatures staring you down and you smirk at your opponent because you not only calculated their strategy correctly, but chose the exact right spell you needed for the situation, to completely turn the game around.  Sometimes it’s the moment in Sheriff of Nottingham where you know you have a bag full of Contraband and you are staring down that one friend who is the Sheriff, who you can never get anything past… and you know without a doubt, you’re about to!

These are the moments that transcend the game and become points in time that you, your family, and you friends laugh about, recant and rejoice over, and remember for times to come.  Yes, “experience matters”, and in my daily work, I focus very hard on ensuring our games provide those experiences, so that every time someone opens one of our boxes, they get the most fun out of it they can.

As I look ahead to the games coming, I see opportunities to create more of these moments.  Mage Wars Battlegrounds will offer players modularity and alternative play.  Players will get puzzle cut pieces to create their own Arena boards, no longer being locked into a 4 x 3 Arena.  Additionally, the rules and cards will include the Domination scenario win conditions, which will see alternative ways to achieve victory.  Why does that matter? Quite simply, it offers players a whole new way to explore this great game of Mage Wars.

You’ll be challenged to create new spell books that help you achieve a domination victory.  You’ll be challenged to create new Arenas to do battle in, and share them with your friends though our online community.  Most importantly, you’ll be challenged in new ways with your opponents throwing new tricks at you, that you’ll have to adjust to.  New ways to play, new options to create, and new opportunities to create those “moments”.  For me, I started testing Battlegrounds the moment I came on in March, and ironically, outside of demoing Mage Wars at shows, I have enjoyed it so much, I have not played Mage Wars in any other way since, playing solely in Domination mode. I’m confident in it, and I can not wait to get it on shelves and in your hands later this year.

ChrisNot to be outdone, the Dice Tower Essentials is also getting a new family member, with it’s own ability to create moments.  At Gen Con 2014 this year, we were able to sign Chris Leader (designer of Roll For It) and his design, City of Gears.  City of Gears is a “hidden gem” in the world of boardgaming.  It won a steam punk contest on’s site and slowly gained momentum.  It took us by complete surprise the first time we saw it, and we’ve all loved it since.  It’s a game of imagination, of worker placement mechanics, of engine building, and area control… and it provides an amazing experience in 30-60 minutes!  Whether you are ready to send your automatons out to explore the City of Gears to gain advantages for you factory, or, you want to use said factory to link together platforms, or, you want to use said platforms to increase your capabilities, the strategies are endless, and different every game!

In short, our challenges looking forward are not “can we make great games” but rather, “which great games do we make next?”  We have a ton on the horizon, and as most of you who know me can attest to, I tend to chase horizons, with passion and fervor.  I have thoroughly enjoyed my first 6 months with Arcane Wonders; the team working here is amazing, dedicated, and some of the most caring people I’ve ever had the opportunity to work with.  It’s through their efforts we all get experience the “moments”.

So with all that, I ask you… “What is your most memorable moment?”  Stop by our forums and tell me, I’d love to hear them!  Check out our forum post here and post your favorite moments with our games, be them pictures, stories, or videos!

As such, I’d like to leave you with my favorite picture from the last 6 months.  This was at 9 am one day at Dice Tower Con this year, with one of our excellent Ambassadors, Jason, teaching two new apprentice mages the ins and outs of Mage Wars, and it was an epic battle!   Now… bring me that horizon…

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