Forged in Fire Preview – The Podcaster Previews

Posted on: May 2, 2014

Forged In Fire is shaping up to be one of the most exciting additions to the Universe of Mage Wars.  With the pending release in June, there has been a lot of information, artwork, and cards to share and preview.  Over the last month, quite a bit has been shared, including the two new mages, the Anvil Throne Warlord and the Adramelch Warlock.

Additionally, we have worked with two of our favorite podcaster groups, All Us Geeks and the Cardboard Jungle, to preview and share some amazing new cards that are part of this set.  If you are unfamiliar with the All Us Geeks or CBJ Podcasts, we highly recommend you take a moment and check them out.  They are both informative and fun shows to get information about this great hobby and industry of board gaming.

In case you may have missed any of the previews we have compiled all the cards released by these two excellent podcasting groups in this blog post for your viewing pleasure.  Below you will find a handful of awesomeness that will be coming your way in Forged in Fire this June.  We hope you are as excited as we are to add these to your arsenal of spell books as you battle it out in the Arena!

Don’t forget to pre-order Forged in Fire today and you will also get two special promo cards, Debilitate and Holy Strike!  In the meantime, enjoy these previews below, check out our Wallpaper Wednesdays for more Forged in Fire Artwork, and stay tuned to for more upcoming previews of this exciting new Spell Tome Expansion arriving in stores in June!

All Us Geeks Previews:

Altar of CarnageHarshforge MonolithDevil's Trident

Designer Notes:

Altar of Carnage

  • This is open eneded. If you have five soldiers then it could trigger five times in a round.
  • Works on both ranged and melee attacks.
  • Needs a spawnpoint or familiar, so including Gurmash or Barracks is a good idea.
  • The artwork is of Akiro and Lord Bellicar fighting. They are the two gods normally venerated by warriors.

Devil’s Trident

  • Powerful attack spell, but only targets creatures.
  • The only piercing spell in the game.
  • Chance to cripple the target leaving it stuck in place. Against targets with Flame +x traits the odds of being crippled will not go up, while the odds of being burned will.

Harshforge Monolith

  • This was designed as a powerful anti-enchantment tool for the warlord.
  • It is especially potent against a curse warlock and forcemasters.


Cardboard Jungle Previews:

CerberusFumbleWall of Earth

Designer Notes:

Wall of Earth

  • This is the first level 1 earth wall.
  • Plays off of the Construction Yard
  • This is the cheapest in school wall for the Warlord that blocks line of sight.


  • Fumble is revealed right after the declare attack step, so it can be revealed and resolved before you would have to remove a counter from your Forcefield.
  • As it is a force spell, the Force Ring will lower the reveal cost by one.
  • Works on living and nonliving creatures, but not Unmovable creatures.


  • Yes, he will in fact triplestrike on his counter attack if he’s guarding a Dark Conjuration.
  • Right now notable Dark conjurations include, Pentagram, Graveyard, Sacrificial Altar, Idol of Pestilence, Deathlock, and Altar of Skulls.
  • He’s a demon, so he can be summoned by a Pentagram.