Forged in Fire Preview – The Adramelech Warlock

Posted on: April 14, 2014

by Scott Morris

VP of Business Development

As you may have recently seen, Aaron Brosman, our Creative Director, shared one of the two new mages coming in our Forged in Fire Spell Tome Expansion! The mighty Warlord from the Anvil Throne is going to offer some amazing new game-play options for players looking to wield powerful weapons and summon an army of soldiers!  However, there is another mage that is going to enter the Arena through Forged in Fire as well, and she is a trail blazer, literally!  Say hello to the Warlock, Servant of Adramelech!

Warlock Ability Card and Mage Card


WAIT! What is this?  The Warlock looks to have been cursed by the dreaded “Photoshopus Filterus” spell!  We need your help in revealing her abilities!

At the end of this article are “share” buttons for Tweeting and “Liking” this article, click them to help us “lift the curse”!  When we get to 50 Tweets, that will “lift the curse” for Fireweaving.  When we get to 100 “Likes” from Facebook, it will “lift the curse” for Smoldering Curses.  When we hit both, that will “lift the curse” for Demonic Reward!  Click below on the “Tweet” and “Like” buttons soon to learn what these devastating new powers will be at her command!

While this curse may be temporary, we know that this Warlock is going to bring tremendously fun new options to the Arena and allow you to survive the coming conflict in Forged in Fire!  Once revealed, we hope you enjoy her new powers as much as we have in testing them!  Get ready to set the world ablaze inside the Arena of Mage Wars with Forged in Fire!


Update Number 1: 100+ Likes – Smoldering Curses Revealed!

Warlock Ability Card and Mage Card - Smoldering Curses Revealed


Update #2 and 2: The big reveal!

Warlock Ability Card and Mage Card - ALL Revealed CORRECTEDThank you to everyone for their support and engagement!  Let the Warlock discussions fully begin!