Forged in Fire Preview – Sardonyx, Blight of the Living

Posted on: May 19, 2014

By Aaron Brosman

Creative Director

Sardonyx, Blight of the Living

A grave wind blows over the Darkfenne down towards Westlock. The vile machinations of the Bog Queen have only now begun to be uncovered. Soon the world of Etheria will tremble before her unholy might. And for that very purpose she has risen a new herald, trusted only to the most confident Necromancers under her command. He is a force from a time forgotten, reanimated to serve the needs of the vile mistress of the Darkfenne. All will cower in the presence of Sardonyx, Blight of the Living!


Animated by the malevolent will of the Bog Queen herself, Sardonyx is an incredibly powerful creature. At 24 mana he is one of the most expensive creatures in the game, tying Adramelech, Lord of Fire.  The transformation to a skeleton was not kind on his wings, and thus he does not have flying. The only creature that boasts more than his 31 life is the Earth Elemental, and he cannot gain armor. Sardonyx, like most skeletons, loves Fortified Position as it can grant nonliving creatures armor. However, it is possible to push skeletons out of the zone with Fortified Position. Not so with Sardonyx. He is one of two cards in Forged in Fire to sport the new Unstoppable trait.

 – Unstoppable (Object Trait)

This creature is exceptionally large, heavy, and/or strong, possibly animated by powerful magics.  It is virtually impossible to hold or push. This creature cannot be hindered. It also has both the Unmovable and Uncontainable traits.

Unstoppable creatures are incredibly difficult to control. They are immune to Stuck conditions. Tanglevine and Stranglevine cannot target them, and Force Push has no effect. Add in the fact that Sardonyx has Psychic Immunity and you are left with precious few options for dealing with this undead behemoth.  So Mages who employ Sardonyx can be sure you’re opponent will have to deal with the onslaught this skeletal dragon produces. His two melee attacks are both a very solid 5 dice. One attack has Piercing +2 to help him get through armor and the second is a full action with Sweeping. His third attack is a short range zone attacking breath weapon. It can cause the Rot condition across an entire zone.

Being a skeleton, Sardonyx is quite easily repaired with Reassemble. However others in his zone are not so lucky. All living creatures in his zone gain the Finite Life trait. Simply being near Sardonyx saps some of the life from you.

This unrelenting skeletal dragon does come with a steep cost, and I’m not talking about the 24 mana to summon him. You’ll notice that he is a level 8 spell. The effort it takes to maintain control over such a creature is substantial, and as such Sardonyx causes his controller to lose 2 life each upkeep. This means Sardonyx is not a creature to just throw out onto the field. You must be calculating with his deployment otherwise you will be his next victim! However, his power can greatly outweigh the cost he brings.

That, dear fans, is Sardonyx, Blight of the Living, the very first Dragon in Mage Wars.

Now go and be UNSTOPPABLE!