Forged in Fire Preview – Harshforge Plate

Posted on: May 5, 2014

by Frederick Czajka

Mage Wars Playtester

From the depths of the mines in the heart of the Anvil Throne Mountains, the dwarves that live under them have extracted from the ground what could be one of the greatest discoveries since the Golden Age of Etheria: Harshforge Iron. This discovery could, perhaps, have helped the old Pellian Empire last another thousand years. Its anti-magical properties have inspired fear and curiosity throughout the many lands of Etheria. The importance of this discovery has not escaped the watchful eyes of the Arraxian Crown. Adramelech himself has ordered his agents to scour all points of the mountains in order to find a way to steal its secrets, so they can bend its unique properties to the services of the Crown. Luckily for all, the dwarves and the mountain have yet to yield its secrets!

Only the hottest dwarven forges with the mightiest of hammers, blessed by Eisenach himself, combined with the sweat and strength of the finest dwarven craftsmen, have been able to form anything out of this most curious of metals. Its traits resist magic of all types! After working under the mountain for many years, these skilled hands have been able to make this amazing metal into armor befitting the Dwarven Warlord of the Anvil Throne Mountains, Harshforge Plate!

All Native Cards re-shrunk for Warmer.cdr

As you would expect, it has Armor +2, but if an opponent would like to teleport, or any other incantation, the mage wearing this armor, it will come with a cost! Every time an enemy targets this mage with an Enchantment or Incantation, it will cost them an additional 2 mana to cast the spell, as this armor just absorbs magic like a sponge. Add this to the Dwarf’s innate Tough -2 trait, and you have one mighty warrior who is hard to hit, difficult to target with magic, and who simply laughs off game effects like burns!

If that is not enough for you, add in an Elemental Cloak and you just might find that you have a mighty juggernaut on your hands.

Once you have the cloak, you will find yourself doing things you previously thought were impossible or just outright crazy! Use a Force Push to push that pesky Adramelech Warlock through her own Wall of Fire, and then chase her through the same Wall of Fire, while dancing a jig to the other side, then finish her off with a blow from your mighty hammer. Her look of sheer fright as you emerge from the fire with a smile on your face is a sight to behold.

Don’t forget to place one of the Dwarf Mage’s Runes on your equipment when you summon it.

Rune Spread 1

The enemy mage, who has managed to save up enough mana to cast a Dissolve on your Harshforge Plate, will be in for a rude surprise since you have used your Rune of Reforging, giving your armor the Cantrip trait. Maybe you have decided to attach the Rune of Reforging onto your Elemental Cloak and instead have cast the Rune of Fortification, providing you with an additional Armor +1 on top of your Harshforge Plate’s Armor +2 and your Elemental Cloaks Armor +1.  Imagine Armor +4 for a total of 15 mana using only two actions!

With just these two pieces of equipment your warlord can be quite stalwart. Add in an Armor Ward and things can get a bit crazy. An opposing mage will have to pay 16 mana to dissolve your Harshforge plate, 8 for the armor plus 2 for the armor’s effect and another 2 for the rune placed on the armor and lastly 4 for Armor Ward. No Warlord should be without this wonder of Dwarven metallurgy!