Forged in Fire Preview – Bloodfire Helmet

Posted on: May 15, 2014

By Aaron Brosman

Creative Director


Bloodfire Helmet

“Demons understand the power of flame. Command what they respect, and you command them.”
– Archeon Valda of the Arraxian Crown

Fire is not subtle. A cunning Warlock, simply points the flame where they wish it to go, and then they cut it loose. Many demons are not dissimilar to flame itself. They simply need to be guided to their targets. Today we have a piece of equipment that lets you guide your demons with flame. It’s time to put on the new, Bloodfire Helmet!

Bloodfire Helmet


This Warlock only equipment is fairly inexpensive at 5 mana. Once you put it on, your demons will gain Melee +1 when they attack an object with a Burn condition. This effect is somewhat unique in the fact that it has no range limitations. Your Warlock can be on the entire other side of the arena, but so long as the defender has a Burn condition you’ll always get the bonus.

Now the Bloodfire Helmet works exceptionally well when you have several demons out. Firebrand Imps are a natural choice as they are cheap and they can place Burn conditions on their own. Since the helmet gives Melee +1 your demons don’t have to do flame damage on their own. Lighting a target on fire and then sending a Blood Demon or Infernian Scourger after them can be just as fulfilling. However, the best demon to take advantage of the Bloodfire Helmet is the Wildfire Imp. Unfortunately you’ll have to wait a little while longer to see what all he brings to the party, but be assured that he fits with this helmet like peanut butter fits with jelly.

So where the Helm of Fear helps increase the longevity of your Mage, the Bloodfire Helmet will dramatically shorten the longevity of your opponents. Enjoy playing with fire, and I’ll see you in the arena!