Forged in Fire Preview – Altar of Domination

Posted on: May 29, 2014

by Aaron Brosman, Creative Director

You’ve seen many of the new cards we’ve added to the Warlord. There have been toolbox creatures like the Goblin Alchemist and powerful conjurations like the Armory. But these were all new additions to the Warlord, and today I want to focus on a card we’ve been working on since Forcemaster vs. Warlord, Altar of Domination.

Altar of Domination


The altar itself is a pretty simple conjuration. It has 3 Armor and 8 Life and is Burnproof. This makes our “statue” fairly durable, but beware a concentrated assault. A couple well placed Force Hammers can ruin your hard work. As for the Altar of Domination’s actual purpose, you can see that if you get 3 or more Outposts into play and keep them out the altar will begin gaining Domination tokens. Once you have 4 or more Domination tokens on the altar then it destroys itself and provides you with Talos. Now, why would you take all this extra effort just to summon one creature? Well I suppose that depends on the creature, and this is Talos!


Talos boasts an impressive 5 Armor and 16 Life. He has Burnproof, Nonliving, and Psychic Immunity. His Great Halberd melee attack boasts Reach, Piercing +2, and 6 attack dice. All of these would make Talos a solid creature in his own right. However, to summon him you must use the Altar of Domination and so he has two special abilities that make him even more impressive.

First, he has Unstoppable. Talos is the second creature printed with the potent trait and much like Sardonyx his combination of abilities make him very difficult to deal with. However, unlike Sardonyx, Talos cannot be cast. He must come into play off the Altar of Domination. Also, he cannot be reconstructed as he is not a skeleton.

Second, Talos enters play with a ready action marker. That’s right, the turn your Altar of Domination summons Talos, he’ll be ready to start assaulting your foes. Talos is the only creature in the game that starts with a ready action marker.

Talos’ mana and spell level only come into play if another spell references them. He costs no spellpoints for a Warlord to include, but remember you can only play him off of the Altar of Domination.

There you have another great incentive to take a Warlord out to conquer. Unleash the servant of Akiro, Talos! I’ll see you in the arena.