Forged in Fire Pre-orders and Promos!

Posted on: March 28, 2014

“We turn our eyes North toward the Anvil Throne Mountains where the Dwarves are locked in conflict with Adramelech’s Warlocks. There is a power deep in the mountains that neither wants to relinquish.” 

Forged In Fire Logo - Horizontal v2


Mage Wars fans rejoice!  Forged in Fire, our latest Spell Time Expansion, is coming and will be available in June of 2014!  The Demon Lord Adramelech is descending on the Anvil Throne, in the hopes of laying claim to their overflowing vaults of Hearthforge Iron!  The battle rages on in the arena of Etheria!


Forged in Fire is a Spell Tome Expansion that will introduce two new alternate mages, the Anvil Throne Warlord and the Adramelech Warlock!  With her imp familiar at her side, the Adramelech Warlock will reign fire down upon her opponents!  Meanwhile, the Anvil Throne Warlord has several tricks up his armor, as he brings the power of Runesmithing to his equipment!

Additionally, we’re pleased to announce that each pre-order copy placed by April 30th, 2014 will include one of each of the promotional cards below; Debilitate and Holy Strike! Whether you are looking to strip away your opponents advantages or take down that pesky non-corporeal annoyance, these two cards will offer mages powerful options in arena combat!

FiF Promos2

Head over to our Forged in Fire product page today to get all the details!  With over 150 new spells, the addition of Runes, 2 new powerful mages and a beautiful magnetic closing box, Forged in Fire will provide amazing new options in the arena, as well as more of everything you love from the game voted #2  in Tom Vasel’s Top 100 games, Mage Wars!