Druid vs Necromancer Preview: Zombie Minion

Posted on: September 3, 2013

Written by  Aaron Brosman

In Druid vs. Necromancer there are many new keywords that characterize the forces of nature and the forces of undeath. Few of these are more potent than Resilient.

Object Trait

This object is incredibly resistant to damage. This object ignores all non-critical damage from Attacks. Direct damage, and attack effects, occurs normally.

So as you can see, Resilient makes you quite resistant to damage.  On any attack die in Mage Wars only two sides have critical results.  AnyResilient creature only takes damage on one third of the dice rolled. This is a tremendous defensive ability and can greatly increase the lifespan of any creature as, unlike Incorporeal, there is not a trait that gets aroundResilient. Clever and resourceful mages will see that both Burn andCorrode are very effective against Resilient creatures as they can do direct damage.

But what creatures need Resilient? To answer that question we’ll have to plunge right into the depths of the Darkfenne, and find a Zombie Minion.

Zombie Minion Cutout 300 px Watermark

The Zombie Minion is the basic zombie the necromancer has access to. As you can see he has both Nonliving and Psychic Immunity, as you would expect from a reanimated corpse enslaved to the Necromancer.  Like all zombies he is Resilient, making him quite annoying to get rid of. Our little friend also hungers for human flesh and so is Bloodthirsty +1, and he is also completely uncoordinated, thusly having Pest. Lastly, he has Lumbering because he is fairly slow moving. Curious about lumbering?

Object Trait

This creature is slow and/or clumsy. It may only take one move action during its Action Phase. If this creature gains the Fast trait, it cancels out both traits.

Most zombies are clumsy, but not as ponderous enough to be Slow. Zombies can move a single square, but they still get an action. When you roll all this together for a mere seven mana the Necromancer has a very solid front line troop, that he can support with cards like hisDeathshroud Staff or the legendary Ziggurat of Undeath.  If you want to know how to spread the zombie plague, come back for the next preview!

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