Dominate the Arena – V’Torrak Gate

Posted on: July 20, 2015

By Aaron Brosman

Community Manager and Designer


On the landscape of Domination, positioning is everything. Having you’re creatures in the right space to seize control of orbs is often key to winning the game.  So how do you quickly move creatures across the vast distances from one side of the board to the other? The go-to answer is Teleport.  There are two weaknesses of that plan. First you can only teleport them two zones away from the caster, which can be a significant amount of movement if you target something two zones behind you and move it to two zones in front of you. However that leads into the second problem, cost. Teleport is three mana per zone moved, and if you are moving someone a large distance, then it can be quite a significant cost. That brings us to today’s card.  This card has its own unique limitations, however it can teleport several creatures great distances without incurring extra cost. Here is V’Torrak Gate!

V'Torrak Gate

V’Torrak Gate allows you to connect any orb in the arena to the zone of your choice. This becomes a permanent point that your creatures can jump to if they’re standing on an orb of their own. Your creatures can take an orb and then use the gate to jump forward to where they’re needed most. Now, the biggest weakness of V’Torrak Gate is that it is not mobile. You must be careful when deciding where you’d like to place it. However, cunning placement may just help you dominate the Arena!

We hope you enjoy this fantastic new portal found in Domination, and please come see us at GEN CON next week!

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