Dominate the Arena – V’Tarrian Energy Wave

Posted on: August 10, 2015

By Aaron Brosman
Community Manager / Designer

Battlegrounds: Domination is a game of zones. Even more than traditional Mage Wars Arena, each zone on the board is a stepping stone that helps you claim and control V’Tar Orbs. The simple existance of an orb greatly increases the strategic value of a zone. These zones are areas where creatures will tend to congregate. This gives zone attacks huge opportunity to swing the game around. A well placed Rain of Fire can topple the balance in a zone.

The emergence of the orbs has caused our intrepid Mages to become more inventive. They’ve made a zone attack powered by the immense energy the V’Tar Orbs produce. I present V’Tarrian Energy Wave!

V'Tarrian Energy Wave

V’Tarrian Energy Wave has all the hallmarks of a standard zone attack. It’s unavoidable, a full action, and fewer dice than a normal attack. However, that is where the similarities end. First off it has a 2 zone range, making it easier to reach out and touch someone. Second it targets two zones adjacent to each other. That’s right, this zone attack, actually assaults 2 zones at once.  All of that is fantastic, but with only 2 dice how much damage do you really feel you can dish out? Well it’s good that each orb you control increases the dice by one. With 2 orbs you’re attacking 2 zones with 4 dice on each object. That’s pretty substantial.

Now go forth and claim your zones, dominating them by any means necessary!
Don’t forget, you can pre-order Battlegrounds Domination on our online store here. I’ll be back on Wednesday with more spoilers for Academy as well!