Dominate the Arena: The Guardians

Posted on: April 13, 2015

The Arena is an unforgiving place. Mages compete in epic battles to the death. This is the world of Etheria. But now, that world is changing, in a big way! The Mages of Etheria have uncovered ancient artifacts of fantastic power and are about to embark on a struggle to secure them. To secure the V’Torrak artifact Mages will leave the arenas they’re familiar with and compete in an entirely new realm. This is Battlegrounds: Domination!

A game of Domination is a fight between Mages for the control of V’Tar Orbs, ancient constructs that power the mighty V’Torrak. The Arenas in the Battlegrounds: Domination rulebook will show you how to set up the tiles and the Orbs. They will also tell you where to place the guardians. The V’Torrak was originally created by the dragons in an age long forgotten. They also created the antarians, monstrous insectoid guardians to defend the orbs against intruders. Before you can control an orb, you must subdue its guardian.

Each Arena has a set amount of V’Tar, the energy generated by the orbs, it takes to win with. Once a player has the requisite amount, as long as they have more than all other players, they are able to activate the artifact and win the game automatically.

So, who do you need to kill to gain control of these powerful orbs?


Sslak were created by the dragons to guard their orbs and as such, have several special adaptations to aid them.  First they have Psychic Immunity. Mind magic has a tough time on Sslak, and cunning forcemasters will not be able to Mind Control this beast.  Their attack is a modest 3 dice, but it does sport Piercing +1. What truly makes a Sslak special is their ability to stick to their orbs. When in the same zone as a V’Tar Orb the Sslak gains the Unmovable and Anchored traits.

Unmovable prevents the Sslak from being pushed, which helps it stay in the zone with its orb. Anchored is a brand new trait, preventing teleportation, and with it The Sslak is secure in its zone. No pushes or teleports can remove the Sslak from its zone. If you want the orb, you must defeat and kill its guardian.

You’ll also notice the Sslak has a mana cost of seven.  Why you may ask?  Well there are two reasons for that. First, the V’Torrak tile can allow you to summon these fantastic guardians to your aid during the game.  Second, a Mage can include a Sslak or Usslak in their spellbook to summon during the course of a game of Domination.

However, the Sslack are not alone…


The Usslack is the Sslak’s big brother… the one with a more powerful attack, greater armor, and more life making the Usslak a daunting defender!

Today you’ve seen the guardians standing in your way and protecting these new found artifacts of power.  Our next preview is a fantastic new enchantment. It is time to not just Enter the Arena, but to Dominate it!

Players can pre-order Battlegrounds Domination for pre-release pick up at Origins or for direct shipment upon full release online today!