Dominate the Arena – Slaknir!

Posted on: July 13, 2015

by Arron Brosman

Community Manager and Designer


Across the four games of Battlegrounds Domination I played with fans at Origins this year, there was one spellbook, of the four I planned, that didn’t get used. Now, each time we’d prepare for a game I’d randomly select my spellbook, so It wasn’t like I was avoiding this one, but it was a pretty interesting Anvil Throne Warlord. How so? Well it focused almost completely on goblins, and in Battlegrounds: Domination goblins received a fantastic boon. This boon’s name is Slaknir, Goblin Chieftain.

slaknir, goblin chieftain

As with most goblins, Slaknir’s stats are nothing to shout about. In fact for a level 3 creature he’s a bit on the low side. However, he does have two powerful abilities working in his favor. First is his special action “Move Out!”. It allows Slaknir to reposition goblins outside of their activations. This can be crutial in a game of Domination, where often having your creatures in the right place at the right time can spell victory. In addition he gives all goblins the Elusive trait. This allows them to ignore all guards, including the ones your opponent may put in place to protect their V’Tar Orbs!

Slaknir can ensure that a ranged goblin, like the slinger or alchemist, is always in range. He also lets your Goblin Grunts get around powerful guards that might destroy them on a counterattack. Another thing to remember is that Elusive also stops creatures from hindering that creature. So, you can double move at your leisure to find the perfect position.

There you have the chieftain of goblins, Slaknir. Maybe now they’ll finally get to work!

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