Dominate the Arena: Skeelax

Posted on: May 26, 2015

Yesterday was a national holiday in our home country of the USA.  For those celebrating, we hope everyone had a restful and reflective Memorial Day! Today however, is a new day, and it is one with a new Domination spoiler! Today we look at the only Mage specific card in Domination. Warlocks, feast your eyes upon, Skeelax, Taunting Imp!

Skeelax, Taunting Imp

Skeelax was a very special card for us. While we were making Forged in Fire we had designed a plethora of new demons. Some were fantastic and made the set, like Infernian Scourger and Blood Demon, but many just didn’t fit. Skeelax was neither of these. Bryan Pope, the designer of Mage Wars, had originally made a “taunting imp” back before the original core set was produced. It was one of the many cards from the early years of Mage Wars that had an awesome concept, but had never found a place to come back. Skeelax was one of the last cards cut from Forged in Fire. Up until the very end, we were sure this little guy would make it. But sadly for him, Forged in Fire was so chock full of amazing cards that in the end there was no room for our little fiery buddy.

While we were working on Battlegrounds: Domination, we decided that we wanted some of the cards to be good in the scenario, but not directly tie to the V’Tar Orbs themselves. And so we immediately grabbed Skeelax again, and with a few tweaks he made an excellent addition to Battlegrounds: Domination!

Skeelax is a Warlock only spell that excels at distracting guards. He can charge headlong into them, and his defense will keep him moderately safe from the backlash. Even after that his one armor and nine life help him to stick around a bit. In addition, if you can light something on fire in his zone then he gains the Regenerate 2 trait. All of this combines together to have a frantic demon who’ll mess up defensive plans. Let’s not forget his namesake, his taunt. With it he can force a creature you opponent wants to guard with to try and swing at the tricky imp.

All in all, Skeelax is about messing up your opponent’s plans. What better way to dominate the arena?

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