Dominate the Arena: Sentinel of V’Tar

Posted on: May 18, 2015

Today we delve back into the Arena and see a new way in which we will dominate it with Battlegrounds Domination!  Last week we saw the amazing potential of the Guard Dog. This week, a Guard Dog is not enough to claim victory in Domination. For that you will need Sentinel of V’Tar!

Sentinel of V'Tar

Sentinel of V’Tar is one of the cards specifically designed for use in the Domination scenario. And now you can also see the full Battlegrounds Domination rules. Sentinel of V’Tar is the second card to use the new Anchored trait. It also gives the enchanted creature the Unmovable trait.  Both traits are dependant on your creature occupying a zone with a V’Tar Orb you control. In this way it’s like the guardians we previewed earlier.

However, then it gets better. The Sentinel of V’Tar also empowers your guard, making them more potent while protecting your V’Tar Orb. If that creature is guarding then they also gain Armor +2 and Melee +1. In this way you can turn some nasty creatures into incredibly potent guards. I love guarding with creatures that have vampirsm as they can heal with their counterstrike. How much better does a Raptor Vine become when they gain Armor +2 and Melee +1? They will be incredibly frightening guards of an orb.

The original guardians were Arcane and Dark spells, but Sentinel of V’Tar is Nature and it lets any school turn one of their amazing creatures into an dynamite guard. Prepare yourself, and you creatures, to use your own sentinel and Dominate the Arena!

Players can pre-order Battlegrounds Domination for pre-release pick up at Origins or for direct shipment upon full release online today!