Dominate the Arena: Origins!

Posted on: June 22, 2015

It has been a whirlwind of activity here at Arcane Wonders since Origins ended, almost two weeks ago.  We’ve been in a flurry preparing for Dice Tower Con and Gen Con, as well as recovering from Origins, personally my favorite show of the year. But by now I’m sure my love of Jeni’s ice cream is well known, and we’re all getting back into the swing of things.

However, today we’re going to go back to Origins for a moment. We had a very cool event at our booth this year. Players could sign up with Scott ahead of time to sit down and play some domination with me. Needless to say I’d been excited about this for a while leading up to Origins. I love getting to sit down with you guys and just play a game. It’s wonderful when we can all get around a table and just enjoy a game that we love!

So on Thursday when the hall first opened, I was pretty anxious to see which of my spellbooks I’d get to use. I had made four different spellbooks that the challengers would randomly be subjected to. My first opponent was an Adramelech Warlock, and so I was hoping to get any book but my Druid. Not that I wasn’t confident that I could pull out that game, but rather that I didn’t want to play the whole game ice skating uphill. But fate is fickle and my Druid was randomly chosen to face the Warlock. As he built up his first turn, I threw down a Vine Tree, which I bonded with, and a Battle Forge. Round two I picked up a Vinewhip Staff and cast a Bear’s Strength to start whaling on the nearest guardian. For the rest of the game I tried to keep up preasure, dropping Raptor Vines across the board and rousing them. He responded by aiming a Dragon’s Breath at me, and catching an unlucky Raptor Vine in the crossfire. After I got a quick 3-0 lead, he decided to really go for the throat. I continued to toss out armor from my Battle Forge, while he absolutely pummled me with spells. At one point I had six life remaining. However, I finally had a substantial amount of armor, and my life total started to stablize, largely due to the influence of a Raincloud hanging around. At the end of the match I had come out on top from V’Tar, but my opponent had put up one hell of a fight, pun intended.

Now you’ll notice that we used two different promo cards in this match. Well I’m excited to say that is because Dragon’s Breath and Raincloud are both in Battlegrounds Domination.

Dragon's Breath



This means that they are now availible for all players and legal in all tournaments, including the upcoming Gen Con Mage Wars Championship!

My second match was against a Necromancer, and I once again randomly pulled the Druid. I was feeling pretty good about this match, even after he split the board with a pair of Wall of Bone. In a single round my Raptor VIne and Druid managed to tear down one of the walls. My opponent looked a bit concerned. He even told me, “I’d thought that would stay up just a little longer.” At this point I felt that I was in a good position to start taking control of that match. However he then said, “My friend told me I should really include a third wall. I’ll have to thank him when I’m done.” He threw down another Wall of Bone and that helped him get off to a commanding lead on V’Tar. In the end, his wall play really did seal the game. I’ve heard that he thanked his friend for convincing him to run the third wall.

My third match was against a Wizard. I finally got to play a different spellbook, a Johktari Beastmaster. The first turn of the game ended with a dead guardian and my Beastmaster ready to claim an orb. Round two saw me take an orb and play Galaxxus. Then I summoned Cervere. At this point I had a commanding lead on V’Tar and was well set up to keep this going forward. My opponent then banished Cervere and I was dead before he came back. It was a tense game with an awesome sense of urgentcy.

My final match was another Wizard. In this game saw me mostly abandon trying to get the V’Tar in exchange for going straight for the throat. It was intense. Easily the closest game I’d had all week. So intense in fact, that on one turn we were unsure of if my opponent had gotten his V’Tar at the time we had decided to go with what was on the table, and in the one extra turn that provided I was able to kill him. However, the raw intensity of that match was really impossible to call.

It was a total blast to play Domination with all of the challengers. I look forward to dominating some players at Gen Con… or being on the receiving end of Domination!