Dominate the Arena: Man’s Best Friend!

Posted on: May 11, 2015

In Battlegrounds: Domination you will have access to a plethora of new spells, but none so reliable as man’s best friend. This week’s preview is all about our friendly Guard Dog!

Guard Dog

On its base statistics the Guard Dog is a pretty solid creature. Eight mana gets you three armor and six life, with a three die melee attack. It’s all solid, but not particularly potent. It’s ability is where is the Guard Dog becomes amazing. While in a zone with a conjuration you control the Guard Dog gains the Vigilant trait. Vigilant will put a guard marker on the Guard Dog at the end of its action. This allows it to be aggressive with its action while still defending. The stipulation being, that it has to end its action in the same zone with one of your conjurations. Now there is an added benefit in Domination, this includes V’Tar Orbs you control.

The key when using the Guard Dog is to watch where you place your conjurations. You’ll be able to get maximum effectiveness from your loyal hound through cunning placement, careful movement, and conscious forethought.

Obviously the Warlord is a natural fit for the Guard Dog. He has a plethora of conjurations to protect, and Fortified Position can push the Guard Dog to incredible levels of armor. The Beastmaster is another amazing fit. A Straywood Beastmaster can make the Guard Dog his pet, increasing its potency. Also, Nature has fantastic conjurations, such as their various totems to guard. In addition, Redclaw would never mind having an eager bodyguard.

Whichever Mage you play, take a look at the Mage’s best friend, the Guard Dog. Summon your faithful companion and go Dominate the Arena! Show your opponents that your bark is just as bad as your bite!

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