Dominate the Arena – Gen Con

Posted on: August 3, 2015

By Aaron Brosman
Community Manager and Designer


Gen Con is over. The best four days in gaming did not disappoint. It was a crazy ride. I was there Tuesday evening to help with setup. This was one of the most humid weeks in the past decade in Indianapolis. Even with the heat and humidity, we manage to get the booth looking fantastic Wednesday. I thought we were ready for Thursday morning, but as happens Gen Con surprised me. Right at the hall opened on Thursday morning our booth was slammed. People had sprint to us to  be the first to own Mage Wars Academy and to pick up the hit of last year’s show, Sheriff of Nottingham. We had demos going for Sheriff and Academy as well as Onitama, Royals, and good old Mage Wars Arena. In fact we were so busy, I didn’t notice time get away from me and almost missed my first “Play the Designer” event. As I’m horrible at remembering names, I hope he forgives me, but that first opponent tracked down out booth to see why I was late. We walked back over to where our events were being held. He, like most of the people I met at Gen Con, was incredibly cool about everything. He’d brought a Forcemaster to try and wrestle the orbs from me. I randomly picked my Johktari Beastmaster. It was easily one of the fastest and brutal games I’ve ever played. After little more than 30 minutes I had defeated him, with 12 V’Tar, but he had gotten me down to two life remaining. It was a pleasure to play him and we both had a great time.

That was the story for the week. I played several fantastic people and always had a great time. It was easily one of the best parts of Gen Con. I only lost once, and all of the games were good especially the Warlord who rallied and was one turn from beating me. The game I lost was pretty special. A couple and bought tickets for the event and shown up together. They didn’t realize that they needed a spellbook, and so I let them pick one of mine. They chose the Johktari Beastmaster. That book was undefeated at the convention. It was played four time, three of which by me. I gave them a few pointers on what to do with the spellbook and on turn one, during their first activation they had already scored an orb. It was exciting to see them, and others really enjoy the gameplay of Domination. In fact we sold all of the Domination we were able to bring with us to Gen Con.

Speaking of products being well recieved, I am elated at how well Academy was recieved. The demos were constantly full and our players were excited to pick up this new product. It’s one thing to spend your days inside your office working on building a game, and it’s another to see people excited to have found your game and happy to pick up a copy. Thank you all. It’s a wonderful validation of all the blood, sweat, and tears we’ve poured into this product.

So in the end, Gen Con 2015 was a fantastic show. I want to take a second to thank our volunteers. We had an amazing group of volunteers at the show with us and it deeply saddened me that I was unable to hang out with them more. Thank you all for your excellent work. We have some of the best fans in the game industry.

Now, I won’t leave you without a preview. Here is V’tarrian Healing Song. It’s a simple healing spell that becomes more potent with each orb you control.

Don’t forget, you can pre-order Battlegrounds Domination on our online store here. I’ll be back on Wednesday with more spoilers for Academy as well!

V'Tarrian Healing Song