Dominate the Arena: Galaxxus

Posted on: June 1, 2015

By Arron Brosman

Community Manager and Designer


It’s a pretty exciting week for us here at Arcane Wonders. This week is Origins Game Fair in Columbus, OH. This is my favorite convention every year, and I’m excited to be back. Last year, I basically hibernated in the room for the whole week because I was feeling awful. This year I’m stocking up on Vitamin-C and feeling great. So, that brings us to today’s preview. With all of the excitement of Origins, I also have a cool special event where I get to accept challengers, playing the new Battlegrounds Domination!  I’m really looking forward to these games!  I kept debating if I wanted to spoil one of the best surprises in a couple of my spellbooks. Well, you’re all lucky because I decided to spill the beans. This is what happens when I get excited about cards.

Behold… Galaxxus!


In Domination there are several special orbs out there in the arena. Galaxxus is special. It is an artificial orb, that will provide you the power to win the game. Also keep in mind that whenever you gain V’Tar you also get to choose to gain 1 mana or heal 1 damage. One of the best things about Galaxxus is that it cannot be controlled by your opponent. The only way to get it to stop is to tear it down, and with 3 armor and 7 life it’s pretty tough.

Well now, I’ve spoiled a big surprise in my spellbook, but I’m still looking forward to all my challengers. I hope you’re ready to Dominate the Arena, see you at Origins!

Players can pre-order Battlegrounds Domination for pre-release pick up at Origins or for direct shipment upon full release online today!