Dominate the Arena: Cascading Forcewave

Posted on: May 4, 2015

For today’s Domination preview, we have a special treat in honor of May the fourth. Today we’ll be looking at a spell in domination that has a wealth of applications outside of Battlegrounds. It’s a spell that shows just what a Forcemaster can do. Here is Cascading Force Wave!

Cascading Force Wave

Soak it all in for a moment, after all there is a lot going on with this card.

At its basic level, this is a Force Push that can repeat itself over and over if the right conditions are met. Namely, the creature you target has to be pushed and the zone there pushed into has to include a creature you also wish to push. In this way you can push an incredible number of creatures as long as you have the mana, it costs 3 per push, and they keep lining up right. Also keep in mind that a creature cannot be affected by Cascading Force Wave more than once in a single casting, so no “pinballing” creatures back and forth. Finally, you cannot push creatures through passage attacks walls with this spell either.

So now that we’ve looked mechanically at how it works, what can we really do with this card?

First, any simple push is always useful for positioning. So if that is all you use Cascading Force Wave for it will still be a useful spell. However, anytime you can line up multiple pushes is where this spell will shine. Right now it’s especially good for zombies. You can push a line of zombies forward, and possible push your target back toward you as well. In domination this is a great way to get your creature into position while simultaneously pushing your opponent off of the objective. Once you put Cascading Force Wave into your spellbook, you’ll be constantly watching for opportunities to employ this spell. Finding a way to keep it constantly prepared will help. So naturally putting this on a Thoughtspore or Mage Wand is solid. In that way you’ll always have it availible if the perfect moment hits. Last thing to keep in mind, if you have nowhere good to push someone, but you have a push remaining that you can do, don’t forget wall bashing. Cascading Force Wave won’t push through passage attacks walls, but it will still bash them straight into a passage blocked wall just fine.

So, go forth and dominate the arena, and may the Cascading Force Wave be with you!

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