Dominate the Arena: Bolt of V’Tar

Posted on: April 27, 2015

In Domination it is a race to take control of the V’Tar Orbs throughout the arena and use their power to claim victory. To do so you’ll have to eliminate their guardians, the Sslak and Usslak. So once you’ve removed the guardians you need to take control of the V’Tar Orb, but how?

One of your creatures needs to “touch” the orb itself. All they need to do is hit the orb with a melee attack. Any attack that makes it to the Damage and Effects step is considered to have hit. Once one of your creatures has “touched” the orb then it springs to life. When an orb is first turned “on” it grants that Mage a small bonus. They may gain 2 mana, heal 2 damage, or gain 1 mana and heal 1 damage.

Now that you control one of the V’Tar Orbs, you are well on your way to victory. Each round, during the Upkeep Phase that orb is going to generate a point of V’tar for you. Each point inches you toward victory! In addition, each round you maintain control of an orb your Mage either gains 1 mana or heals 1 damage.

Controlling the orbs give you solid benefits, but today’s card is one that pushes their value even further.

Bolt of V'Tar

There are two important things to notice about Bolt of V’Tar. First, it becomes more potent based on the number of V’Tar Orbs you control. With a single orb you’ll have Piercing +1 and Mana Drain +1, and that goes up based on the orbs you control. This spell becomes harder to shrug off as it’s empowered. Not to mention that it’s appetite for mana increases as well. ¬†Controlling a few orbs makes this quite the utility spell, you have Piercing, Mana Drain, Ethereal, and can cause Daze and Stun.

Second important thing to notice, everyone’s favorite Archmage is front and center. So the question becomes what is his connection to Domination? Well sadly, that’s one question you’ll have to wait a little longer for. For now, it’s time to prepare to Dominate the Arena!

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