Dice Tower Con 2012

Posted on: July 12, 2012

Written by  Patrick C. Connor Jr


The Mage Wars team joined Tom Vasel and friends for the 1st Annual Dice Tower Con in Kissimmee, FL. Right from the start of the show, we knew that this would be a different experience.

The con staff led by Patrick Havert was second to none. Our team was made to feel welcome and given every amenity necessary to run successful demos Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Three hundred attendees obtained badges to the sold out show. There is no doubt that the show will either double or triple in size in the next year.

Over the course of three days, Bryan, Cameron and Patrick conducted close to one hundred demos. On Friday, Tom Vasel demoed the game during the day, and returned in the evening during free play to try the full game with reviewer Jesse Dean. Both Tom and Jesse gave positive initial reviews each stating that Mage Wars is one of their favorite games of 2012. These gentlemen are waiting for production copies to conduct a more in depth analysis of the mechanics and overall gameplay.

In all, Dice Tower Con was one of the best shows we have ever attended. The Mage Wars Team looks forward to sponsoring and participating in future Dice Tower events.

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