Dawnbreaker’s Chosen Art

Posted on: August 14, 2015

By Aaron Brosman

When we first put up the contest to name the Dawnbreaker’s Chosen, we were confident that our players would give us some great responses. However, we’ve gotten far more than that. You’ve all done a fantastic job innundating us with fantastic names for the new knight. So, leading up to Gen Con, Scott and myself had a tough job of trying to narrow those choices down. It was a brutal process, however during that process we saw something that we thought was a game changer. We saw the first sketches for the art. Needless to say we were blown away at how amazing it turned out. After Gen Con we recieved the finished piece for the Dawnbreaker’s Chosen, and personally I’m elated at how it turned out. I could keep talking about this card for another two or three pages, just gushing at how much I love it, or I can just show it to you. So here is the Dawnbreaker’s Chosen!Dawnbreaker's Chosen - Dleoblack

Dleoblack has done a fantastic job bringing this character to life. And with such a fantastic piece of art we wanted everyone to see it. Because of this, we decided not to announce the winner at Gen Con. We decided to open the contest up for another two weeks. Now that you’ve seen the art, and you know the character, what should her name be? Obviously we’re keeping all of the existing entries. You’ve all done fantastic and we’d hate to lose those. But now you can enter again if the muse strikes you! ¬†On August 28th I’ll announce the winning name. We wish you all the best of luck! You can find all of the original contest information¬†HERE.