D v N Preview: Zombie Crawler

Posted on: October 31, 2013

Written by  Matthew Burch
Zombie Crawler
By: Matthew Burch

Watch where you step! Those half-corpses are still alive!

Zombie Crawler is very similar to the previously previewed Zombie Minion. He’s smaller, cheaper, and slower. He’s quite literally, half-the man that Zombie Minion is…

Zombie Crawler Cutout 300 px Watermark

He may lack legs, but he doesn’t lack usefulness. The low mana cost of this creature helps to utilize both spawnpoints available to the Necromancer. When pumping out 3 zombies a turn, the Necromancer can easily overwhelm his opponent… if his mana supply holds up. The fact that the Crawler only costs 4 mana makes him super useful in maximizing your board presence in a swarm tactic.

Not only does he help to maximize the board presence of your hoard of zombies, he will often be left alone and seen as no threat. If your opponent does see fit to go after the Crawler, they’d better use a big attack, because this guy is still resilient.

Resilient (Object Trait)

This object is incredibly resistant to damage. This object ignores all non-critical damage from attacks. Direct damage and attack effects occur normally.

Opponents be warned. Even though these zombies may seem weak alone, you should fear them in great numbers…

zombie frenzy_dleoblack

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