D v N Preview: Ziggurat of Undeath

Posted on: September 6, 2013

Written by  Aaron Brosman

You’ve seen the might of the Necomancer’s Zombie Minions, but now we get to delve deeper. Today, you see how each of these zombies can become a carrier for a great plague of zombification.  Presenting theZiggurat of Undeath!

Ziggurat of Undeath Cutout 300 px Watermark

For eight mana and one quick action, each of your zombies is empowered to spread the zombie plague and raise others from the dead.  By simply getting into melee and taking one big bite out of your opponents, you can make them a zombie as well. Whenever a zombie you control destroys a living creature you can pay half it’s cost to have it Reanimated.

Reanimate (Effect)

This creature reanimates upon death. When this creature is destroyed, instead of going to the discard pile, it is placed face down in the zone it was just destroyed in, with a face-down action marker on it. This creature is considered temporarily out of play. At the end of the round, the creature card is flipped face up and is “summoned” into play. Reanimate does not occur if the creature is removed from the game when it is destroyed.

It takes time for something to turn into a zombie.  While you’re waiting for the end of the round, your victim is untouchable.  They’re considered out of play and they’re face down with an action marker as a reminder of their return, also the action marker distinguishes them from face down enchantments. Then at the end of the round, you gain a fresh zombie ready to go forth and infect others!  What new powers does this zombie have?

Zombie (Condition Marker)

This creature has been raised from the dead. It gains the undead andzombie subtypes. It gains the Psychic Immunity, SlowNonliving, andBloodthirsty +0 traits. The Zombie marker has no removal cost and cannot be removed by spells or effects which remove condition markers. When this creature is destroyed, Obliterate it. If a creature already has the Slow trait at the time it received this marker, then it also receives a Stun condition marker.


Becoming a zombie is mostly a bad thing.  You become nonliving, which stops Regeneration and Vampiric. Also, you become Slow andBloodthirsty +0 which greatly decreases your tactical options.  You do gain Psychic Immunity and Nonliving gives you Poison Immunity. At the end this makes up for the massive discount you get when turning someone.  To infect them you only pay half the mana cost.  One of the best effects of becoming a zombie is that you too spread the plague now and can infect others.

Normally slow creatures should be avoided, when looking to build a zombie army with your opponent’s creatures. This is because the process of zombification stuns them. The best creatures to infect are generally solid creatures, like Timber Wolves. It doesn’t have to be flashy to be effective.

Now you have seen the growing power of the Necromancer’s zombies, but next week we’ll start seeing the forces of life.  Come back to see how a Druid chooses to fight back!

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