D v N Preview: Vine Tree

Posted on: October 2, 2013

Written by  Matt McInnis

Vine Tree
By: Matt McInnis
The Samara Tree offers The Druid a long term strategy of focusing on Seeding Pods and giving them Cantrip for reuse after each casting. Oftentimes, a Druid will need to focus on getting pressure on the table faster and being more aggressive about extending her reach. This is where Vine Tree comes into play.
Vine Tree 300 px Watermark

While only two more mana and similar stats to Samara Tree, Vine Tree is debatably the most important plant in the Druid’s arsenal. It’s not only a spawnpoint for vine type creatures and conjurations, but it’s one of her two external methods to get more precious Vine Tokens on the board each round.

With the ability to add one more Vine token each round and use them as sources for its own spells if need be, the Vine Tree is almost like having a second Druid on the table. If you are curious as to what the “vine” subtype covers: every Nature Conjuration and Creature in this set who is not a tree or the Spitting Raptor, is a Vine. Also, Tanglevine has been retyped to become the vine we always knew it was. So as more of her garden is revealed, remember this tree… her flowers, vine creatures, and Tanglevine’s yet to be seen bigger cousin come around. Even the Seedling Pod itself is a vine, so a Vine Tree can serve as a pseudo-Samara Tree.

With careful mana management, both of these spawnpoint trees can be combined to maximize the Druid’s actions per round, but that will also require her to utilize her defenses well too.

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