D v N Preview: Spitting Raptor

Posted on: September 9, 2013

Written by  Aaron Brosman

Last week we started to see the awesome forces of rot and decay, but what does nature have to combat the dark forces rising? Of the many tools the natural world uses to combat the dark forces of the Necromancer, today we’re focusing on one of the most primal. Zombies flee from the Spitting Raptor!”

Spitting Raptor Cutout 300 px Watermark

Several things are readily apparent on this ferocious reptile. First, it is an animal. This allows for all sorts of buffing, anything from the simple Call of the Wild to Rajan’s Fury. Also, it has a four dice melee attack and a three dice ranged attack. This raptor is dangerous from any distance. In melee he has a modest piercing +1, but at range he can corrode a target two-thirds of the time. He’s only 11 mana, so it’s feasible to play multiple in a game. At level three he’s easy to fit into nature spellbooks, but even splashing him for other mages isn’t that painful.

Corrode is a powerful weapon against zombies as they have no natural armor and very few ways to gain any. Also, corrode makes the raptor’s melee that much more dangerous. Even landing a single shot before the target closes can make the simple piercing +1 all the more effective.

dvn corrode

As powerful as the Spitting Raptor can be with the druid, its real place is with either Beastmaster. The Straywood Beastmaster can make it a pet, giving it greatly increased survivability and a beefier melee attack. Also, the raptor helps improve the ranged abilities of the Straywood Beastmaster. For the Johktari Beastmaster, a Spitting Raptor builds on an already solid ranged game. The raptor’s ranged attack can soften targets before the Johktari Beastmaster makes it her wounded prey. For either Beastmaster, the ranged attack off the of the Hunting Bow can benefit from the raptor’s spitting acid attack just as well as it could his talons.

Nature has only begun to fight back. Next time we’ll examine the leader of the crusade for life, the Druid herself!

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