D v N Preview: Nightshade Lotus

Posted on: October 21, 2013

Written by  Tim McCurry
Nightshade Lotus
By: Tim McCurry
The Nightshade Lotus is a huge flowering plant sprouting a single beautiful large lotus blossom, awaiting the unwary traveler to release its misty sleep poison gas. Then it slowly digests the sleeper while they dream.
Nightshade Lotus Cutout 300 px Watermark

The Nightshade Lotus is a level 3 nature school conjuration with the plant, flower and vine subtypes.

It has a mana cost of 7, and can be planted up to one zone away, or in the casters zone. However, having the vine subtype allows it to be cast wherever the Druid has placed his friendly spreading vines markers too! Also, note that it is not zone exclusive, so it can occupy the same zone with other conjurations (just not another Nightshade Lotus since you cannot cast spells of the same name in the same place).

As a plant, it has some expected traits; Living and Hydro Immunity. It also has the Flame +2 trait common to many plants. Plants are very susceptable to fire, so any attack that has the fire trait will be devastating for this wonderful flower.

The Nightshade Lotus has no armor, and seven life. While it is fragile, it has a good chance to survive a small attack and be able to deliver its deadly attack.

This plant is so beautiful, so inviting, so pleasant smelling it draws the victim close in order to deliver a poisonous mist attack so strong it is unavoidable. Even flying creatures are not immune to its deadly scent. The Nightshade Lotus can even put the victim to sleep. It can only do this once to any living, non-Mage creature. Said victim then becomes fertilizer for its greedy roots.

The Nightshade Lotus is best viewed from afar. The bones in the grass are not simply the happenstance place where the corpse just happened to fall but rather the first clue to the deadly nature of the beautiful plant sprouting through its rib cage.

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