D v N Preview: Devouring Jelly

Posted on: October 10, 2013

Written by  Matt McInnis

Devouring Jelly
By: Dylan McInnis, aka “Kharhaz”

“Good Gods! Is that Flamberson’s head floating in there?!?”- Soon to be absorbed soldier

The Voltari holds many creatures of inconceivable design and the Devouring Jelly is one of the more insidious. A congealed hybrid of magic and acid this ooze serves it master well by being an endless source of torment to his enemies.

Devouring Jelly Cutout 300 px Watermark

Devouring Jelly is a level 3, arcane creature with the Ooze subtype.

The perceptive wizard will immediately identify the potency this creature brings to his school. At 13 mana we have a 9 life blob that can reconstruct itself from the Wizard’s opposition.

As the noble Flamberson discovered, this Ooze covers its target with corrosive juices as a full round 5 die melee attack of the acid subtype. In addition, this sludge will quickly corrode any armor while reconstructing itself for 2 damage with every attack that damages those foolish enough to test his mettle against the ubiquitous Voltari.

The devouring jelly has the Nonliving, Resilient, Acid Immune, Psychic Immune, and Uncontainable traits to round off its defensive congealed essence.
However it’s sludge like form gives it the Slow trait. When, not if, the Jelly does overwhelm its prey it will devour it!

Devour (Attack Trait)
This creature eats other creatures! If an attack with devour would destroy a corporeal creature, Obliterate that creature instead.

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