D v N Preview: Acolyte of the Bog Queen

Posted on: October 20, 2013

Written by  Alexander Mont

Acolyte of the Bog Queen
By: Alexander Mont

The Hand of Bim-Shalla is Back … Or Is It?

Those of you who were following last year’s Origins tournament know that spellbooks featuring the Hand of Bim-Shalla dominated the top of the field, because of the Hand’s ability to give other creatures healing or extra melee attack dice – whichever one they needed at the time – every turn, for the low, low price of 5 mana. Of course, Bim-Shalla, being the peaceful goddess, wasn’t very happy with her disciples abusing her power for easy kills, so she issued a godly decree limiting each combatant to a single one of her Hands. The Bog Queen, however, is more generous with her power, and allows combatants to summon as many of her Acolytes as they can.

Acolyte of the Bog Queen 300 px Watermark

Acolyte of the Bog Queen, like the Hand of Bim-Shalla, costs 5 mana, and has powers that can heal a friendly Skeleton, or give a friendly Zombie an additional Melee +1 for the turn. And in a pinch, she can always use her Sacrificial Knife attack for two attack dice. Just like with the Hand, you can save these creatures for healing as necessary or pump all their power into one Zombie for maximum destructive power!

But, using the Bog Queen’s power isn’t as easy as just plopping lots of the same cards onto the battlefield. Since the Acolytes are creatures, they take a full action to summon – although fortunately you can summon them off of Spawnpoints including an upcoming one that travels with you, so you always can summon something wherever you want it. Second, the power only works on creatures within one zone, and can’t be used the turn you summon the Acolyte, so you will have to plan ahead to get the creatures you want.

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