Crits Happen Gives Rave Review to Mage Wars!

Posted on: October 1, 2012

Written by  Sean DeCoy

Scott “Tox” Morris, from Crits Happen, says “This is game gets the biggest Crit I could give one! Check out the full video for more!

Tox runs an amazing site, where he rates games on a very simple system: a game is either a Crit (excellent beyond excellent), a Hit (good, but not for everyone), or a Miss (well, you get the point). Recently, we had the pleasure of meeting him down at Wonko’s in Austin and playing a couple games with him. We met him at GenCon 2012 and we’ve had an amazing time hearing his feedback!

Regardless, Tox runs a high quality website, with great videos and great reviews. His review of Mage Wars was stunning in how in depth he was! He left no stone unturned! Here’s a highlight from his review:

We’ve barely scratched the surface of mage wars, but it is, without  a doubt, a Crit, and in my opinion, one of the top 5 games I’ve played all year!  Finally, at a retail MSRP of $59.99 for EVERYTHING, it’s a steal of a game to get into!  I’ve bought many a bad xbox game for the same price, and I can guarantee you, there is an amazing amount of value in this game, whether you pick it up for friendly fun, or organized play!  And yes, OP I a big part of what Mage Wars brings to the table, so if you like competitive gameplay, check with your local game shop, and if they aren’t connected, send them to the Mage Wars team today so they can get the details!

Be sure to visit his review to get all the gorey details. And check out his video to learn more!

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