Conquest of Kumanjaro Spell Tome Expansion

Posted on: May 12, 2013

Written by  Patrick C. Connor Jr.

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“Far to the South, across the Veridian Sea, lies Kumanjaro, a sprawling continent of wide savannahs, dense jungles, and untold riches. It has remained untouched by the cultured nations of the North, until now…”


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MSRP – $29.99

The Johktari tribes of Kumanjaro have thrived for hundreds of years. Now the peace of a century has turned to conflict as the forces of Westlock carve out their own territories for the good of the crown and the glory of Asyra. Players can wage their own matches as a Priest of the Order of Malakai, or as a Beastmaster of the Johktari, using new ability cards for each, and a trove of new spells from all the spell schools. Join the fantasy phenomenon that pits mage against mage. The conquest begins with you!

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The Johktari Beastmaster is a fierce and proud hunter, defending her people’s lands against invaders. She is a skilled archer and has the Ranged +1 trait for all of her non-spell ranged attacks. She can also sprint quickly across the vast savannahs, running swift as a Cheetah using her Sprinting ability which gives this Mage the Fast trait. If these Abilities weren’t deadly enough, the Johktari Beastmaster can use her Wounded Preyability to mark and relentlessly pursue wounded prey, working with her animals to finish it off.

Alternate Beastmaster MAGE CardBridge Troll Cutout with Wounded Prey

The Priest of Malakai is a crusader against non-believers. He seeks justice and relentlessly pursues enemies with Holy retribution. The Priest is blessed with the burning light of Malakai, and his basic melee attack deals light damage. In addition, once per round, if the Priest attacks and damages an enemy creature with any attack which deals light damage, the creature may burst into flame via Malakai’s Fire. To round out the divine might of this Mage is his Holy Avenger ability. When a friendly non-Legendary Holy creature comes into play, you may make it your Holy Avenger. The Holy Avenger is blessed with divine strength and it gains +5 Life.

Alternate Priest MAGE Card

Guardian Angel Cutout with Holy Avenger

A few of the creatures in this expansion, such as the Guardian Angel, are ready to defend their Mage at any cost and thus introduce the Intercept ability which allows them to jump in the way of ranged attacks if they are on guard.

Dwarf Panzergarde CutoutGargoyle Sentry Cutout

Kumanjaro is home to the Legendary Makunda, bold, fierce, and true king of the land.

Makunda Cutout

The set also introduces three new conditions: Bleed, Stuck, and Tainted.

New Condition Markers - COK

Whether your Mage must treat a potentially fatal open wound, escape the web of the Giant Wolf Spider, or deal with a wound that just won’t heal… You and your opponents are guaranteed a thrilling battle with many tense moments and exciting surprises in the Arena!

Giant Wolf Spider Cutout
Based upon customer feedback, we have included some new tokens for bookkeeping:Armor +1, Melee +1, and Ranged +1. These vivid tokens will ensure that you and your opponent know the current state of affairs on the board.

Tokens CK

Enter the Arena. Discover Kumanjaro.
Let the Conquest Begin!

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