Chapter Three: A Warlock in Disguise

Posted on: April 29, 2013

Fools and fanatics, thought Laddinfance, and watched as the mob burned down an Asyran Library. The crowd jumped and danced by the flames, tossing in torches, rocks, whatever they could find. And at the center of it all, a tall man, robed in the traditional red and purple garb of a priest of Malakai, pressed the mob to further action. The priest directed four men to light a nearby home. He sent the women to fill urns with oil. When they returned, he muttered spells to light the urns and sent them out again. Victoria burned, and this priest laughed.
“Put them through the crucible, brothers!” the priest yelled. “When Victoria is ash only the truth shall remain!”
Curious, thought Laddinfance. He called his raven to him and uttered a spell in its ear. The raven flew off and towards the priest. The raven granted Laddinfance a secret eye, and the Priest’s glamour fell. Underneath his illusion, the priest was covered in scars and old burn wounds. Arraxian runes were branded to his chest and a lash of pure hellfire swung at his side. Laddinfance stalked into the crowd.
“This Priest,” he yelled to the crowd, “Has deceived you. He is no priest of Malakai!”
A few men and women stopped to listen, but largely the carnage continued. The Warlock pointed to Laddinfance.
“Don’t believe the lies of Sortilege,” the Warlock said. “They prize only their own minds – they are trapped in a cage of their own making, where they alone are lord. They do not follow our holy Gods!”
“They’ll believe your corpse,” said Laddinfance. “When I have killed you, and your enchantments fall away, they will see you for what you really are.”
Laddinfance spoke a spell and pictured the Warlock’s lash. In his mind, he saw the weapon turn to dust and crumble.
“Didn’t think I saw that, did you?” he said, advancing on the Warlock. “People of Victoria, go back to your homes!”
The Warlock called out and a great fiery orb formed inside his fist. Laddinfance wrapped himself in his cloak as the Warlock threw the fireball – and the fire dissipated as it hit the garment.
“Run away and save yourself Wizard, back to your godless studies!” But Laddinfance had already made his choice and called down lightning to strike.

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