Chapter Four: Temples Burning

Posted on: April 29, 2013

“Your city will lie in ruins!” cried Mikal. His wolves had torn into the mob and dispersed them. Many ran back to their homes. Some went to find mores allies and weapons. Several lay dying on the ground. The Priestess moved among them, laying hands and speaking soft spells to soothe them. “You waste your time,” Mikal said. “If they had the strength they’d claw your eyes out.”
“No scratch is too small for the Goddess,” the Priestess said, and continued her work. The buildings around them raged with fire. The heat grew, as did the stench of the freshly charred corpses.
“The fire here is too great,” he said. “My animals will be trapped and unable to breathe.”
“Then run back to your forest,” said the Priestess. “You have done goodness here. Return to the wild.”
Mikal grabbed the Priestess by the arm. “Listen, you zealot,” he said. “My people always protect the pack, but your people tear each other limb from limb. And here you sit mending cuts and bruises while the city burns. I can leave now, and return to the wild…”
“Or?” she asked, setting another balmy hand on a rioter. Mikal sighed. He wanted to help. He didn’t understand these people or their customs. He didn’t understand saving traitors while innocents still cried for help. He didn’t understand any of this, or even why he helped this Priestess whose name he did not know.
“Or, we can leave this mob and focus on the fires. I can conjure geysers in the city squares – bring down water from the sky. I can turn your gardens into regenerating groves of life,” he said. “I can—“
“Bring the wild into my city,” she replied and looked up at him. She had golden eyes and she shone brightly in the fiery light. She stood and looked at the buildings down the road. Every one of them cracked and popped with flame.
“There is much work to be done,” she said, walking to the nearest building. “Come with me.” Mikal watched her go, shielded by a protection spell. The fire seemed to bend around her. What a zealot. There’s no way she can save them all, thought Mikal. And then he ran into the fire.

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