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GAMA Trade Show 2013

April 7, 2013

The Arcane Wonders Team traveled to sunny Las Vegas, Nevada to participate in the 2013 GAMA Trade Show. Our team was honored to address retailers and distributors at the GTS dinner[continue reading]

Mage Wars named Crit of the Year!

January 3, 2013

Written by  Patrick C. Connor Jr.   Mage Wars beat out heavyweight contenders Fleet, Netrunner, and Lords of Waterdeep to claim the coveted award from Crits Happen. We would like to thank[continue reading]

Happy Holidays from Mage Wars!

December 5, 2012

Written by  Sean Decoy   Happy Holidays from all of us at Arcane Wonders! We’ve had a great year, and there’s plenty of reasons to celebrate. First off, we’re offering some great[continue reading]

New and Improved Pre-built Spellbooks

October 7, 2012

Written by  SeanDeCoy   Great news, Mage Wars fans! After receiving amazing feedback from our fans and playtesters, we’ve brought the Design Team together and improved the starter spellbooks included in[continue reading]

Crits Happen Gives Rave Review to Mage Wars!

October 1, 2012

Written by  Sean DeCoy Scott “Tox” Morris, from Crits Happen, says “This is game gets the biggest Crit I could give one! Check out the full video for more! Tox runs[continue reading]

Alliance Open House

September 27, 2012

Written by  Sean DeCoy Bryan Pope and Sean McCoy traveled to Fort Wayne, Indiana for the release of Mage Wars last weekend! We had an awesome time talking to our retailer[continue reading]

SoCal Smackdown, Meet Mage Wars

September 26, 2012

Written by  Patrick C. Connor Jr. Mage Wars teammates Alan Gerding and Patrick Connor travelled to beautiful Anaheim, CA to participate in SoCal Smackdown 2012. This marked the first tradeshow where the[continue reading]

Mage Wars Street Date Release

September 20, 2012

Written by  Patrick C. Connor Jr. Check out our latest Newsletter containing the OFFICIAL Mage Wars Street Date Press Release!  

Mage Wars @ Wonko’s Austin!

September 17, 2012

Written by Seth DeCoy Tj Huzl and Sean McCoy from the Mage Wars team took a quick road trip down south to Austin, Texas to visit our friends at Wonko’s Toys[continue reading]

Mage Wars Foreign Distribution FAQ

September 9, 2012

Written by  Patrick C. Connor Jr. Many of you have asked questions about when Mage Wars® will be arriving in your specific country or region. We are so happy to hear[continue reading]

Mage Wars Flourishes at Pax Prime

September 3, 2012

Written by  Patrick C. Connor Jr. The west coast welcomed Mage Wars to its shores at Pax Prime 2012 in beautiful Seattle, WA. The flagship game from Arcane Wonders was very[continue reading]

Mage Wars Heads to Pax Prime

August 28, 2012

Written by Patrick C. Connor Jr. The Arcane Wonders team heads to Seattle, WA this weekend and will be demoing Mage Wars at the Red Lion Hotel, Emerald Room from 10 AM – 6 PM[continue reading]